A downloadable game

Made for Game In A Week jam. No sound, sadly.

it's a little rough around the edges -- well, REALLY rough around the edges, but I got it done in time for the game jam!! Who knows, maybe I'll work on it a little more to make a fully fledged product? ;3

Everyone's dead.... and you're invited! Make your way thru the Labrynth Of Paint And Stuff while collecting presents to give to your best skeleton buddies!

WASD move

Space jump

Shift throws skull, W/S aims up/down throwing

R restarts room

Ctrl pulls the skull closer if it's JUST a little out of reach

Install instructions

The exe is gamemaker's default installer


EveryoneIsDead.exe 2 MB


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This game was made by a friend of mine so I might be a little bias here but I really enjoyed this one!  The art is really nice, there's a nice style to it, and the puzzles are very clever, especially the ones that require your head and body to be two separate colors.

My only real frustrations I had with it can be arbitrated to the fact that it was a game jam game made in a time limit.  The controls are quite loose, and I got stuck a couple times.  Thankfully there's a reset button and the levels aren't too long so you never really go back more than a couple minutes.

Overall, a fun little game!